About us

Having worked on over a number of titles across various platforms and genres, Gameashlar has built deep domain expertise in 2D concept art, 3D modeling, AR/VR development, blockchain services, metaverse game development, and Unity game development.

Our Story

Due to more than 10 years of experience in information technology and 5 years in the gaming industry, we have been able to capture a wide market by consistently providing services par excellence in line with the latest technologies.

We always strive to provide the best and most innovative ideas to our clients so that their game can reach a wide audience. We are constantly updating our processes to maintain our uniqueness in the gaming market.

What We do

For our Clients from all over the world

  • Concept Art Production

    Argentics offers premium UI/UX design services for games and gamified applications.

  • 2D Animation

    Our artists are ready to design a joyful 2D character or concept art of a gloomy castle.

  • 3D Modelling

    We have veteran 3D artists and modelers who create breathtaking game art.


    We offer top-notch, end-to-end game development services for all major platforms

  • Metaverse Game Development

    Our team creates catchy visuals and animations for various game genres and platforms.


    Our team has solid hands-on experience creating engaging immersive reality apps.


Our vision is to become India’s best AR/VR game development company, to emerge as a globally recognized, most innovative company by providing creative and efficient solutions.

We aim to become a reliable partner of top-notch market players in the gaming industry and contribute to the development of their business.



Lead the client's business and reputation in a competitive environment that facilitates and dominates the competition.

Ensure conditions that enable clients to feel independent and comfortable in a digital environment, even without opportunities to interact with clients directly.

Our mission is to help you increase your business value. Our goal is to provide services that create innovative opportunities for our customers.



We aim to empower individuals and organizations to expand their business esteem with the utilization of IT advances. We aim to deliver services that provide innovative opportunities to clients and enable them to work effectively.

As a trusted, customer-centric company, we operate in a dynamic environment focused on growth. We explore opportunities for the growth of our customers and our organization.


Gameashlar is the subsidiary of Webashlar, which was founded by Anand Agarwal in the year 2009. Today, the company's success in terms of steadfast growth and excellent customer base has been powered by the shared vision of the Webashlar team, focused on values, innovation, transparency, and integrity. Webashlar has successfully ensured high client satisfaction in the IT domain.

Webashlar is a creative and software solutions company with three verticals: web development, game development, and digital marketing.

Webashlar is known for its dedicated and result-centric solutions. We are equipped with updated technologies and highly configurable software and applications.